Pros and Cons of Sous Vide cooking

Sous vide cooking is extremely popular in restaurants all around the world. Since the price of the best sous vide equipment is becoming more and more affordable home cooks are trying out this a lot more. Sous vide machines have evolved a lot and has become something that is really easy to use.

I believe everyone reading this know what exactly Sous vide cooking is. So I am not wasting any time with the background details. Let us just get directly into the point. The following are the most important pros and cons of this cooking method.


Sous vide produces tasty and flavorful food. The slow cooking method allows you to cook pork shoulder, lamb belly, short ribs, and other tough cuts with deep flavours and a uniform texture and taste. vegetable cooked this way gets a superior colour and flavour. Heating them in a slowly is what allows you to preserve their rich flavours.

It is an amazingly convenient method. You can cook the food without losing any flavour. Also, you can cook it days before using and just freeze it right away. A quick oven heating can make it ready to use again.

It’s an amazingly healthy way to cook. Cooking in high temperature is often the reason for not only losing the flavour but also losing the healthy elements of a food. In sous, vide cooking nothing is lost due to the airtight seal. Since everything is cooked in low temperature all the nutrients are preserved.


It is not at all convenient as the traditional cooking methods. It requires a lot of time and if you are in a rush to cook your food this can never be the solution.

Sous vide cooking is not at all practical for some kind of food. It can really alter the taste of so many food items. So you will not be able to cook anything you want.

Now here is the real bummer. You cannot cook alcohol. So sous vide is not for people who like the taste of wine. Alcohol cannot evaporate inside the plastic pouch so if you still use alcohol the food will be unbeatable. Also, green vegetables need to be cooked fast with sous vide.

This method requires extra equipment. Temperature control is the most important part of the method and it needs an equipment to do it. The temperature needs to be steady at all times this can only be achieved using an equipment. And often it can be expensive than you want them to be.

Sous vide restrict too much. For many people cooking is all about the experience. It is about tasting and experiencing what you are cooking. Sous vide doesn’t allow you to do this. Once you have sealed the pouch there is nothing to touch or experience anything. This denial of the sensory experience can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Some of them may even see Sous vide as more a scientific experiment.