Cook Healthy Dishes Innovatively with the best in class Sous Vides

So, you’ve never cooked Sous Vide before. This art of restaurant quality cooking never ceases to amaze us. And calling this method easy may come across as utter bullshit. But who says quality cooking should be hard.

If this is your first try at sous vide cooking. This guide is perfect for you. All of your questions about Sous Vide cooking will be answered below.

Sous Vide: What is that?

The term Sous – vide is a French term that means to be “under vacuum”. The cooking in this method is done in a lower temperature than usual. The ultimate goal to cook foods with sous vide is put the edible material under even heat i.e. to cook all the portions, inside as well as outside properly and perfectly, without overheating any particular place. It also aims at retaining the moisture

Sous Vide always allows you to get perfect results in cooking. Since everything is controlled there is no need to worry about overcooking or burning. The method is perfect for steaks, shrimp, and lobster all which will taste amazing if cooked perfectly. The end result will always be perfect cooking from edge to edge.

Essential tools needed Sous Vide Cooking

Cooking Sous Vide can’t be done with the equipment you have. You may have to invest in a few new tools. The following are the most essentials tools needed for Sous Vide Cooking.

  • An Immersion Circulator

This was an equipment mostly used in laboratories but now this is the central equipment for Sous Vide cooking. This is used to keep a tub of water at a particular temperature. The device sucks in water heat it up and emits it to the tub.

  • Cambro Containers

You can use Immersion circulator with any pot. But using a Cambro container can be much easier for Sous Vide cooking. Plastic is a much better insulator and you can keep an eye on your food as well.

  • Vacuum seal

A vacuum seal is important since you have to seal the food before Sous Vide cooking.

Procedures of Sous Vide Cooking

Cooking with sous vides needs to have a proper way of processing the food. To a pinch of extra deliciousness, read below, please

  • Step 1: Prepare the food to cook.

Every food item needs to be prepared before a cook. Add the necessary addition to food.

  • Step 2: Packaging

This is one of the most of important aspects of Sous Vide cooking. Prepared food should be packaged without air in food grade plastic bags. The vacuum sealer will come in handy for removing the air.

  • Step 3: Cook

Sous Vide cooking is all about the perfection of cooking. So, you will need to cook for the desired time at the desired temperature to get the desired result. You will have to find the perfect temperature and cook time according to the food and how well you want it cooked.

  • Step 4: Finishing

Sometimes after the cooking, it needs to portion or most of the times a crisp is added to the outer skin in a pan.

Sous Vide cooking is pretty much easy, but it needs extra equipment and longer time. But that is some simple sacrifices needed for perfectly cooked food.