A complete guide to sous vide cooking temperatures

Sous vide is like magic in the kitchen. It can create moist succulent results every time. But like any other trick there are some secrets behind it and like magic, it is a delicate dance.

Every one loves sous vide cooked foods but only a few understand the patience and difficulty needed for the cook. Sous vide the cooking method which needs the longest time for cooking, Unlike any other cooking method, it takes long hours or even days to cook things using this method.

The temperature is one of the most important factors of a Sous Vide cook. If the temperature is not kept to a steady temperature, it means the whole dish is ruined. There are also specific standard temperatures used for cooking specific items. These temperatures bring out the best of each item that you are cooking. So here I have made a list of standard temperature used for Sous Vide cooking. All the items you are looking for may not be in this dish but I have tried to make it as thorough as possible.

Normal temperatures

Chicken Breast (Boneless): 146 0F /63.5-degree celsius

Chicken Leg/Thigh: 160 0F /710C

Split Game Hen: 160 0F /71 0C

Turkey/Duck Leg: 176 0F /80 0C

Duck Breast: 1340F /56.5 0C

Remember: if you set the temperature higher than our recommendations, the cooking time will decrease.


The difference between a well-cooked succulent meat and blatant dry meat may be some degrees of temperature. This is something you can’t control in traditional methods.

Whatever meat you are cooking Sous Vide machines promise to deliver on both texture and flavor.

Normal temperatures

Beef: 134 0F /56.5 0C

Lamb Chops: 134 0F /56.5 0C

Lamb Leg: 134 0F /56.5 0C

Brisket: 134 0F /56.5 0C

Pork Chops: 134 0F /56.5 0C

Pork Roast/Ribs: 160-176 0F /71-80 0C

Fish and Seafood

Seafood is one tricky thing to nail. One second it is perfection and the next second it is an utter disaster. All of this depends largely on the temperature of the cook. Something you cannot control in traditional methods. :

Standard temperatures

Lean Fish: As you wish

Fatty Fish: As you wish

Lobster: 140 0F /60 0C

Scallops: 140 0F /60 0C

Shrimp: 140 0F /60 0C

Remember: The 25mm pouches are perfect for seafood and fish, and 12.5mm pouches are the ones perfect for lean fishes.


Eggs are the perfect candidates for sous vide cooking. You can cook eggs to perfection with sous vide. It can be perfection at any stages from just set to super hard. The temperature of the cook plays a huge role in this perfection.

Standard temperatures

Soft Cooked (in the shell): 167 0F /75 0C

Hard Cooked (in the shell): 160 0F /71 0C

Scrambled: 167 0F /75 0C

Pasteurized (in the shell): 135 0F /57 0C

Remember: Never use vacuum seal for eggs in the shell. It can easily break the shell and mess it up.

Fruit and Vegetables

Even though fruits and vegetables are not considered as a great part of a meal by most people, it is important to a lot of people.

They are mostly used as a side to the meats but their texture and color affect the whole meal itself.

Standard cooking temperatures

Root Vegetables: 183 0F /84 0C

Tender Vegetables: 183 0F /84 0C

Firm Fruits: 183 0F /84 0C

Soft Fruits: 183 0F /84 0C